The Superbowl of High School Calculus

For three years, hosted the Superbowl of high School Calculus, then dubbed “a brand new kind of contest for a brand new age of technology.” Schools from around the United States and the world competed in a contest of calculus cleverness without ever leaving their home school. Each year, schools signed up teams of three students (for only $7 per team) and, on the same Friday morning at the same time, downloaded a set of 10 problems to work on.

superbowl2004shirtThe contest was held the Friday before the A.P. test and gave students one last chance to review the important topics of calculus via problems that emulated free response questions. Working in teams also made the contest unique, and the contest quickly caught on. During the first year, 40 teams participated, but at its peak, 191 teams took part in the contest. The proceeds of the contest went to host the website for the following year, and as a fund raiser it was very successful. Unfortunately, it became too large, logistically, for one person to handle as a hobby, and it has not since returned.

You can still access the packets of questions (with answers and scoring rubrics) and the results via the links below. Please support our sole sponsor,, that gave me a great deal on the massive glut of trophies and medals that were awarded.

More Information about the Superbowl of High School Calculus

2002 Superbowl

2003 Superbowl

2004 Superbowl