Frequently Asked Questions

We are out here in Portland, Oregon and the thought of doing calculus before the sun rises is daunting. My students are very interested but since they are too young to drink coffee, 6 am is very early for differential.

Since 9 AM is not ideal for those on the West Coast or for those participating abroad, I am willing to make special arrangements with those schools on an individual basis. If you need special consideration for a later start time (or have other needs) please indicate this on the registration form.

Ten questions? How is that going to take 3 hours?

True, there are 10 questions, but each question may have multiple parts (many multiple parts).

My school’s Internet connection is not so trustworthy. What happens if it malfunctions the day of the contest? How will we get the questions?

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, call me that morning at the number you’ll receive when you register. I will be happy to fax the questions to your school.