Fun Stuff

Here you’ll find all of the random odds and ends that have collected like debris at the bottom of my web page shower drain. Unlike that nasty mix of hair and shampoo residue, however, this clump of entertainment is actually fun. Interactive Cheat Sheetcheat

This flash movie contains all the formulas you need to memorize for Calculus I and II, and it couldn’t be easier to use…just click on the buttons and memorize away!

Calculus Songs

Now available in ubiquitous MP3 format, and only a decade too late! Click the links to listen to the calculus songs or right click the links to download them. What? You can download songs for free on the internet and not get sued by the RIAA? Yes. Welcome to the promised land.

The Quadratic Formula Song by Mike Kelley:

  • The catchy quadratic formula song that helps you remember the quadratic formula with that rip-roaring feel good chorus: “Over 2A! Over 2A! Over 2A!”. And what’s a good math song without a grisly murder? This little tune answers that question but leaves you asking others, like “Why doesn’t Mike have a recording contract somewhere? Didn’t I see him on that showAmerican Idol? Why do my ears bleed when I listen to this haunting and awful song?”

The Day Before Notebooks Are Due Blues by Nathan:

  • This song was written during the 1999-2000 school year by a student who just happened upon while avoiding school work. Although his band, Skanky Omar and the Girl Scout Explosion, never played this song, it was a personal project of his. And now, the band has been ripped asunder since the band members had to go to college. The last name of the author has been withdrawn by request, because as he’s gotten older, this song has unexpectedly followed him, and he’s ready to make a clean break.

A.P. Calculus Theme Song by Nick Becker:

  • Nick has employed his unique scholarly ribald world view to concoct a fitting theme to calculus class, so download and enjoy. Avoid the hassle of looking up the lyrics, because here they are:

This class is so inspiring that I had to write a song
with a catchy beat, and rhyming words, so that you can sing along
It’s packed with lots of crazy stuff, peanuts, nougat, and comedy
So forget about your worthless lives and get ready to learn calculus….AB!

A.P. Calculus Christmas Carols

No one’s saying that the air’s a little thinner in Colorado, and maybe that’s why Denise McCleary and her classes at Fairview High School enjoy singing math carols, but that’s my suspicion. Can you spot her in the photo? I’ll give you a hint: She holding something that rhymes with shmaccordian.